Parents of nine babies are shedding tears of joy after bringing home all of their children.

Halima Cisse and Abdelkader Arby were preparing to meet their family on Tuesday after making some grueling rounds back and forth to a medical facility where the kids were admitted to the intensive care unit.

But now, they’ve been given the green light by doctors for a discharge and this couple couldn’t be happier than that.

This family comprising of boys and girls has a world record for the most kids to survive delivery. And now, the parents and other loved ones are more than delighted to welcome them into their new home.

The delighted parents are currently in Bamako but they hope to return and make their way to Timbuktu.

It follows nearly two years at the specialist Ain Borja clinic that is located in Casablanca in Morrocco. This was right after the birth of their nonuplets in May of 2021.

The parents continued to speak about how it’s really been a long wait but after seeing all of their babies in front of them at this moment in time, it’s just a worthwhile feeling for them.

“There have been plenty of tears and a really long wait. The babies are fighting fit and everyone is just so delighted that they are coming home”- the family continued to mention.

So many images of the family holding their beautiful babies are going viral as we speak and it’s just a moment of pure bliss for them.

Thankfully, the family says they are getting support from the Malian government. And they really do look forward to a new residence in Timbuktu. “It has been created for a very huge family and is even equipped with everything that they require”- she went on to mention.

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