Lucky Libra Cardi B just received great news to go into her weekend.

Cardi B

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The rapper, 30, announced Friday that she successfully ended a 5-year-long legal battle over the cover art for one of her mixtapes. After years of a litigation regarding the cover art to her 2016 mixtape, her legal team confirmed that a jury at the Central District of California Court in Santa Ana ruled in the rapper’s favor “on all counts.”

After the verdict, Cardi tweeted, “I wanna kiss Gods feet right now …..IM BEYOND GRATEFUL!!!!”

I just won this lawsuit …Im soo emotional right now ?…I wanna kiss Gods feet right now …..IM BEYOND GRATEFUL!!!!

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) October 21, 2022

Cardi B Was Sued Over Gangsta B*** Music, Vol. 1. Cover Art

Back in 2017, Cardi B was sued by a man named Kevin Michael Brophy, Jr. over the alleged appearance of his back tattoo on the cover of the rapper’s 2016 debut mixtape, Gangsta B*** Music, Vol. 1.

As previously reported, the following year Cardi and her legal team responded to the allegations saying, “The suggestion that any of Cardi B’s success, or income, in any way arose from or is attributable to the use of the tattoo image in that early photo is simply ludicrous.” In addition, they said the artwork features “another man (not [Kevin Michael Brophy, Jr.])” and Cardi doubled down on the claims during a heated deposition.

Brophy alleged in his complaint that Cardi, without his knowledge or consent, “misappropriated the unique likeness of his body art and image…in a misleading, offensive, humiliating and provocatively sexual way to launch her career in music and entertainment.”

Brophy and his legal team were seeking at least $5 million in damages but Cardi dodged that bullet!

A representative for Brophy released the following statement:

After the verdict Michael Brophy, Cardi B and Mr. Rafael shook hands. They were gracious winners. Mr. Brophy is a stand up human being. If this chapter can close it may be best for the Brophy family’s ability to put this behind them. That’s all that is important.

Lol. Cardi B never settles. She will go to court and fight it out, and win. ??? That’s how you know she actually never lies.

— 7 January. ?? (@Gorthan_Sir) October 22, 2022

Cardi needed this win and shoutout to her legal team for always holding it down. Cardi originally stated that she would cuss out Brophy if she won, but now that she has, she says she doesn’t have the heart to do it and instead she’s wishing him the best.

She noted on her IG story that she can now “return home to her babies.”

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