Saturday marks the 10th annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, developed by Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League. He says this is the first time in the event’s history pro-lifers are also celebrating the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade – the 1973 case whose decision imposed abortion on all 50 states.

“What’s been forgotten in the mix is the 50 years nearly of legal abortion that we had in this country and the tens of millions of children who’ve lost their lives,” Scheidler notes. “We approximate that about 64 million children died through legal, violent means through Roe v. Wade‘s legal abortion provision.”

This weekend, at locations all throughout the country, funerals will be held for all the babies lost to abortion.

The National Day of Remembrance website submits that “when people become truly aware of the reality of abortion, they can more easily cut through the lies by which some try to justify it and the natural apathy to which human nature is inclined. Even pro-life people are thrust into a higher level of commitment and activism.”

Visiting these solemn memorial places and spreading the word about the prayer campaign is believed to help “humanize our aborted brothers and sisters” and deepen individuals’ commitment to ending the injustice of abortion.

“We go to the places where some of these children have been buried,” the pro-lifer details. “A tiny handful of their graves have been erected where these children’s bodies were recovered from dumpsters, from pathology labs and other means and have been buried solemnly in sacred ground so that we can do what our savior told us to do, which is to mourn for our dead (Matthew 5:4).”

Participants will also pray comfort and healing for the women and girls who have aborted their children.

Scheidler’s organization believes pro-lifers should be visiting these gravesites—and other memorial sites dedicated to aborted babies—as a regular part of their pro-life witness.

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Michael Bourdon

Michael Bourdon


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