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HOLLYWOOD, CA- There are some conspiracy theories which allege that some of the most powerful people in the world, from the worlds of politics, finance and entertainment are into child trafficking and in some of the more outlandish cases, child sacrifice.

Now in a couple of cases, most notably that of Jeffrey Epstein, the child trafficking allegations may actually have some meat on the bones. The others? Who knows.

That led us to think about the state of current events, in particular here in the United States. Leftists, seem to be particularly obsessed with two issues as we head into the November midterms on November 8…abortion and transitioning children.

In the first case, this involves advocating murdering babies in the womb up to the point of birth. The second involves mutilating of genitals so that these children will forever be unable to procreate. And truth be told, that is the least of their problems. Satan sure appears to be in charge of the political left in this country.

Why bring all of this up?

On Halloween night, October 31, so-called late night “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel, who put away the tissues for his fake crocodile tears for a moment, had a skit on his program that actually “joked” about sacrificing a baby in their sleep. Seriously.

The skit was a take off on a commercial for Snuggle, a laundry product. It started with a bear holding up a baby shirt which appeared to be slashed and which had blood on it.

Remember “Snuggle Bear” from the old commercials? ??

— Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) November 1, 2022

“Hi, I’m Snuggles. Snuggly softness that’s really less expensive. Look! I get towels fluffy, blankets cuddly, even shirts caked with blood.”

“It was an accident. You know what else is soft?” the bear says. “Human flesh…baby flesh. Wait, where is your baby?” it continues, with creepy music playing in the background, as the psychotic Kimmel audience laughs.

The bear then walks away with a knife in hand as the scene fades out. The next scene opens with a baby lying in its crib and the creepy bear standing next to it.

“Shhh. Baby’s sleeping,” the bear says while pulling up a blanket. “In snuggly softness. You know what else is soft? Human flesh…baby flesh…So innocent. So defenseless. The perfect size for a sacrifice,” again as Kimmel’s audience full of psychopaths laugh. “Time to meet your snuggly death.”

“When the dryer’s going, they’ll never hear you scream,” the bear continues.

“Snuggle brand fabric softener. Proudly made to kill.”

Haha…real funny.

This really makes you wonder why the radical unhinged left is so obsessed with killing babies. All one has to do is watch the litany of political ads this election season and for Democrats, it isn’t about crime running rampant, out-of-control inflation, the looming possibility of rolling blackouts due to shortages of natural gas, diesel, and home heating oil, nor the possibility of nuclear war.

It’s all abortion all the time. Except when they’re obsessing over the rights of gender confused individuals who cannot make up their mind what gender they are.

Believe the science, right? Except when it comes to biological sex.

The interesting thing about the left’s obsession with killing babies up until the moment of birth and tying “women’s reproductive rights” into Roe v Wade is the fact that Roe was much more restrictive than what Democrats are looking for. Roe pretty much limited abortion to the first trimester, whereas leftists want it available right up until the very end.

Funny thing about Kimmel. Most of those whom he runs with would have been in favor of aborting his now five-year-old son, who was born with a heart defect that required surgery after he was born.

Kimmel cried his usual crocodile tears when he was talking about it to his audience. Yet, some of the more hardcore abortion fanatics believe a child born with a medical defect is a perfect candidate for a late-term abortion. In Kimmel’s case, he’s fine with abortion, as long as its someone else’s baby.

The latest from Kimmel takes everything to a whole new level. It isn’t unusual to see satanic symbolism subliminally planted in “entertainment” coming from Hollywood. But usually it is just that…subliminal. However the stunt on Kimmel’s show this week, which was putting what can only be described as a satanic ritual out in the open in front of a national audience means Hollywood is no longer afraid to show exactly who they are.

We’ve seen the push to indoctrinate children out of the “wonderful” world of Disney, and the fact that ABC, where Kimmel’s program airs, allowed such garbage to be aired is hardly surprising. You may not be aware but ABC is owned by Disney.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Crocodile Tears Kimmel got lit up on Twitter for the skit advocating for child sacrifice.

Absolutely Disgusting! So Jimmy Kimmel are you admitting your love for child and baby sacrifice, the eating of the flesh and drinking of adrenochrome in satanic sacrifices like so many Hollywood actors are? If you are, I hope you go down with the rest of them soon! and very soon!

— Kathleen Redman (@KathleenRedman) November 2, 2022

Totally appropriate, considering Jimmy’s show is filmed inside of a Masonic Temple, and distributed by Disney.

— Max Goldbergstein (@MaxGoldbergste1) November 1, 2022

Kimmel you’re a psychopath.

— DeSantis Beast Mode (@pjd317) November 3, 2022

Horrific. Evil. You have a 1st amendment right to make this garbage, but it doesn’t mean you should. How this makes it to network TV is beyond me. It shows how monstrous some have become.

— DJ Buddy (@djbuddyboca) November 2, 2022

Horrific. Evil. You have a 1st amendment right to make this garbage, but it doesn’t mean you should. How this makes it to network TV is beyond me. It shows how monstrous some have become.

— DJ Buddy (@djbuddyboca) November 2, 2022

The controversy mattered little to Kimmel and to ABC/Disney.  Despite probably thousands of negative comments, the skit is still on ABC’s website and Kimmel’s Twitter page.

Child sacrifice a myth? Who knows. But a lot of people are smelling a rat.

Another reason to shut off late night television…unless it’s Gutfeld.

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