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Spooky Season is nearly over. Halloween is less than a week away. And that means there are more active haunted houses this week across the United States than any other week of the year.

Two Baltimore Ravens rookies, cornerback Damarion ‘Pepe’ Williams and safety Kyle Hamilton, recently visited a haunted house. Now despite what you might think about the headline in this article I want you to know this is a judgment-free zone when it comes to haunted houses.

I’d probably compose myself the same as these Baltimore Ravens rookies inside that house of horrors and I don’t fault them for screaming like pre-teen boys who went into the haunted house trying to impress their friends but left in tears. Haunted houses are terrifying, that’s the point.

Baltimore Ravens rookies Damarion ‘Pepe’ Williams and Kyle Hamilton can’t handle the Haunted House

Here is the video from both Instagram and Twitter so you can choose your preferred medium to watch. The Twitter video is the full 4m51sec clip while the Instagram videos are shorter clips, so I’d suggest watching the Twitter video.

It’s spooky season ?

and well.. let’s just say @FTK2662 and @kyledhamilton_ got spooked ??

— Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) October 25, 2022

“I ain’t gonna jump no more” — Guy who is about to jump

Like I said above, the point of haunted houses is they’re meant to be scary. Anyone who goes through a haunted house without screaming isn’t really fun to be around in the first place. They’re just trying to ‘play it cool’ the whole time instead of enjoying the actual experience.

These Baltimore Ravens rookies might’ve tried to stay tough but the camera was rolling and the finished video is amazing. Well done from the Ravens’ social team.

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