Asking for help is natural for us whenever we are in situations where we know we can’t succeed by ourselves.

It is an intuitive part of being human, and no matter how much we try to do things on our own, there will always be moments when we simply need others to be there for us.

The critical thing here is to know when to ask for help.

While humans are expected to have the ability to discern the moment of needing help, we don’t really expect animals to be able to do the same.

They are more instinctive, and they trust others based on their instincts, too.

One mama dog showed that animals are also capable of knowing when and how to ask for help.

Dogs don’t communicate as clearly as humans, but they have their own way of letting people know about certain things.

They don’t really need words to convey that they need something or if they want things to happen.

In Serbia, the Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac received a call one afternoon about a dog that only comes out whenever people are passing by.

The pup would come out of a concrete pipe by the side of the snow-covered road, and it was always when a stranger was walking along the path.

The team from the shelter did not waste any time and went to the area.

They searched for the pipe and saw one that was not fully covered with snow.

They tried to make sounds to alert the pup who allegedly was in that location.

A few moments later, a dog with strikingly beautiful eyes showed up.

The pup was wet from the snow and looked as if she had been there for quite some time.

Just like in the call they received, the dog went out of the pipe for a few moments and then went back in.

Rescuers followed the dog and turned on their lights to see what was inside the pipe. There, they saw three puppies.

The little dogs were visibly scared, unlike their brave mother who obviously was asking for help.

The team from the shelter immediately tried to bring the puppies out, but they were not successful.

In the meantime, they took the mother to their car to keep her warm. She trusted the shelter staff, who promised to bring her babies to her shortly.

As the mom waited in the car, the team worked on getting the puppies out by luring them with food.

However, the pups were not interested which meant they were still suckling from their mother. There was only one way to lure them out.

One of the men went to the other side of the pipe and prodded the pups gently with branches.

Another man waited on the other side to grab them. The other man also used a brush with a pole to help the little ones in going out of the pipe.

Thankfully, their plan worked and they were able to grab the three puppies and bring them to the car.

Before leaving the area, the team searched for other pups to make sure they did not miss anything.

They eventually drove back to the shelter where they gave food and medical treatment to the brave mama dog and her three pups.

The place where the pups stayed was cold, wet, and dirty. The four of them were found to be suffering from internal and external parasites.

The shelter intends on making sure they are treated and eventually put them up for adoption so they can find a forever family who will love and care for them.

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Caryl Jane Espiritu is a contributor at SBLY Media.

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