Amy Kupps of Charlotte, North Carolina, has had a very unconventional career path. She started off as a high school history teacher, then began moonlighting as an erotic OnlyFans model, and now she wants to auction off her body for surrogacy to, in her words, “mass produce pretty babies.”

Kupps, 33, is off to good start. She already has two children, presumably with ex-husband Theodore, and she is expecting a new baby soon, this time with a former student. Though she reportedly met the unnamed former student while he was still a minor, he is now 22 years old. Over the summer, the two reconnected at a bar and had a one-night stand, and Kupps became pregnant as a result. When she told the man the news, Kupps informed him that she could raise the child on her own, and he allegedly agreed to that arrangement.

But now Kupps, an apparent advocate of positive eugenics, believes that she can continue this line of work to help improve the aesthetics of the gene pool.

“I think the world would be a better place if people were better-looking and had my genes,” the former teacher stated. “I will definitely pass down my amazing eyes, hair, strong facial features, high metabolism and intelligence.”

Kupps claimed that she regularly receives requests from men — married and single alike — to carry their child, and so, armed with confidence, she has determined to put her body up for “auction and offer it to the highest bidder.”

Kupps has put some thought into this business model. She believes that she could conceive and carry up to 25 children.

“I want to carry lots of babies, but no more than 25 in total. That would be my limit,” she said, “but it would get the ball rolling.

“With medical interference, I could potentially have quadruplets at some point,” she added.

Though the income such a profession would generate may remain a consideration, she claimed that she is not motivated by money.

“I’m not sure how much I would make, but it’s not about the financial aspect. I just want to make the world a better place,” insisted Kupps, who has reportedly made over $22,000 a month on OnlyFans throughout her latest pregnancy.

The self-described “devout Catholic” and “home-wrecker,” who claims to have sexual relationships exclusively with married men, is not particular about the prospective fathers who might bid for her surrogacy services.

“It doesn’t matter if the man is ugly. The baby will be beautiful if I’m its mother,” she said.

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