The Sims 4 babies are boring and lack the personality that developer EA Maxis got right in predecessor to the life game The Sims 2, say fans. The Sims 4 goes free to play on October 18 alongside a livestream hosted by comedian Phoebe Robinson covering new announcements for the simulation game and other updates on the series including some “surprises.” Right now, however, fans are talking about how looking after the youngest members of The Sims feels rather impersonal in its current instalment.

“Does anyone hate the toddlers and babies in The Sims?” That’s the question posed by one Simmer on the Sims Reddit that players are chiming in on with their thoughts. Poster Due-Radish-3022 says “I feel like they have no personality so I just age them to a child because it’s more fun to play with them.” While several posters express love for the toddlers, almost everyone seems in universal agreement that the babies are rubbish. Sorry, babies.

Some point to the implementation of babies in The Sims 3, where characters could multitask while holding a baby, but the real winner is The Sims 2. A TikTok video from glimmersimmer titled ‘The Sims 2 babies were elite’ showcases the many options offered to the young’uns in the classic PC game from 2004. Watching it certainly takes us back, and they really were some good ol’ days.

Babies could play with mobiles hanging from their crib, and parents can change their dirty diaper, feed them while holding them, cuddle them, and even give them a proper wash. One commenter remarks that in The Sims 4, “Babies are basically an object that cries. They aren’t really removed from their bassinet and their entire role is impersonal.” In comparison, they note that the ability to bathe their kids in the sink in The Sims 2 “made me grow closer to my characters.”

Commenters on glimmersimmer’s TikTok say that “Sims 4 babies just take up space” and that “They just lay there and scream so I immediately age them up.” Many say they do the same, agreeing that babies in The Sims 4 feel largely pointless, and that “they may as well just birth a toddler instead.”

Some fans note that the Sims 4 Parenthood game pack does add “like 15% of realism,” but remark that “you really shouldn’t have to pay extra just so you can accurately experience a life stage in the life simulator game.” Others say that they find “Parenthood also makes toddlers really annoying” as they are constantly throwing paint/flour on the floor or having tantrums. Perhaps that’s more realistic, but it’s not an ideal solution either.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some new baby tech in the upcoming Behind the Sims livestream. In the meantime, EA will hope that The Sims 4 player count sees a similar boost from becoming a free game that has led the Overwatch 2 player count to 25 million in just ten days. Meanwhile, fans will be hoping for more news on what The Sims 5 might look like – but while we wait for that, why not check out the best Sims 4 custom content creators and the best Sims 4 mods to spice up your game?

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