The FDA recently announced that it will loosen safety regulations so abortion drugs can be sold in retail pharmacies — and Walgreens and CVS immediately said they would sign up for the deadly program. It is distressingly clear that these companies care more about their profits than about the lives of helpless babies in the womb.

Very well, then: let’s hit them in the pocketbooks. Here are three things you can do to pressure these conscienceless businesses.

(1) Protest. Pro-life advocates nationwide are planning protests at their local Walgreens and CVS drugstores on Saturday, February 4th under the leadership of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU). So far events are scheduled in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Washington D.C., Austin, Portland (OR), Boston, Detroit, Sioux Falls, and Akron. Many more cities will be added in the coming weeks, so if yours isn’t on the list, sign up to host a protest; PAAU will provide free materials and organizing support.

(2) Boycott. Bear in mind that a substantial portion of their revenue is from their retail operations, e.g. snacks, drinks, and cosmetics. Shop anywhere else for those! And if you currently pick up your prescriptions at Walgreens or CVS, investigate your insurance coverage options to see if they can be moved to an ethical pharmacy.

(3) Divest. This is a no-brainer. Do not join CVS and Walgreens in profiting from children’s deaths. Dump all shares immediately. A falling stock price may be the only thing that gets executives’ attention.

Above all, be prepared for the long haul. The protests will not end on February 4, and boycotting is a commitment. The abortion extremists at CVS and Walgreens are counting on our opposition to fizzle out. As long as babies are killed by chemicals sold at the corner drugstore, we cannot let that happen.

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