In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the mad Titan Thanos is a powerful extraterrestrial being who seeks to bring ultimate balance to universe by wiping out fifty percent of all life. Obviously, our heroes can’t let that happen and go great lengths to see to it that he doesn’t succeed. You know all this. You’ve seen these movies. You know that Thanos isn’t exactly a great guy. And yet, apparently some of you do need a little reminder here because way too many of you are naming your babies Thanos? 

In a new study published by (so, you know, grain of salt), Thanos is rising in popularity as a baby name. In fact, the Social Security Administration’s Name Popularity Index notes that Thanos has jumped 2,892 spots since 2018, when Avengers: Infinity War released. While we can’t definitively say what that means about how many babies (or, oh no, four year olds) are toddling around named Thanos, we can definitively say the answer is too many.

In fact, Thanos is the ninth most popular baby name based on a Disney character in the U.S. Ninth! It is ahead of “Elsa,” for crying out loud. Elsa is both 1. an actual name and 2. not a genocidal alien, but that doesn’t seem to bother little Thanos’ mom and dad.

Speaking of Thanos’ mom and dad, in the actual comics, they both meet their ultimate destinies at their son’s cruel hand. Might be something worth knowing when you name your baby Thanos but, if watching him callously toss his own daughter to her death in Infinity War didn’t dissuade you, that new information probably won’t change your mind either.

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