According to a recent story from CWB Chicago, the former dean of Chicago’s Greater Lawndale High School for Social Justice impregnated an underage student in 2014 and again in 2015 then posed as her stepfather in order for her to obtain two abortions.

Medical records from the two abortions were part of the evidence that led to the arrest of the former dean, Brian Crowder. At the time of Crowder’s crimes, Illinois’s Parental Notice of Abortion Law was still in effect, creating a paper trail that helped prove his crimes.

Because Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the repeal of Illinois’s Parental Notice of Abortion Law, sexual predators like Brian Crowder can now easily cover their crimes against children with no questions asked.

Thanks to Governor Pritzker, the only people who will know when a young sexual abuse victim is taken for an abortion will be her abuser and the abortionist — those who will benefit from it.

Thanks to Governor Pritzker, her parents may never know.

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Governor Pritzker ignored the rights of parents and the safety of children in order to bow to the wishes of the extreme abortion lobby. Governor Pritzker told parents they don’t matter. He told young girls their safety isn’t nearly as important as the profits of the abortion industry.

Sadly, there are countless sexual predators like Brian Crowder across Illinois and the entire Midwest. Governor Pritzker has laid out the welcome mat for them to come to Illinois so they can cover their crimes with abortion.

Illinois Right to Life Action is working hard to restore sanity to the abortion laws in Illinois. From restoring Parental Notice of Abortion to ensuring Illinoisans know which candidates support abortion extremism, we are working to save innocent lives across our state and beyond.

Please help as we work to protect our children, preborn babies, and all innocent human life.

LifeNews Note: Amy Gehrke is the executive director of Illinois Right to Life.

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