Our Vice President, Terrisa Bukovinac, is currently incarcerated in a Virginia jail.

Although she is best known as the founder of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), Terrisa is also a longtime Secular Pro-Life activist. She is an atheist who found a home at Secular Pro-Life when she first opened her eyes to the injustice of abortion. We are incredibly proud of everything she has accomplished.

Terrisa was charged with trespassing for participating in a Pink Rose Rescue at a northern Virginia abortion center in November 2021. At a trial yesterday, she pleaded no contest and received a four-day sentence.

A Pink Rose Rescue is a nonviolent direct action in which activists enter abortion businesses, hand out life-affirming literature and pink roses to mothers in the waiting room, and offer hope and financial resources. According to Terrisa, at least five babies were spared from abortion during the November 2021 rescue at Alexandria Women’s Center.

Six rescuers participated. Most are affiliated with PAAU. Two received thirty-day sentences; the rest, like Terrisa, received four-day sentences. The reason for the sentencing disparity is not known to Secular Pro-Life at this time.

In a PAAU press release, Terrisa commented:

“The concept of a human non-person is one that has been used historically and exclusively to discriminate against whole groups of human beings, and in the case of abortion, the unborn, that discrimination is lethal almost one hundred percent of the time. Rescuing these children from poisoning and dismemberment is an act of non-violence and a commitment to equality.”

Secular Pro-Life condemns the unjust system that imprisons peaceful pro-life advocates, while allowing abortionists to dismember unborn babies with impunity. We honor Terrisa’s bold, life-saving sacrifice. And we look forward to treating her to a delicious vegan cake when she gets out.

PAAU is organizing regular vigils outside the Alexandria Detention Center every evening at 5:00 p.m. until all six rescuers are released.

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