There’s an unspeakable bond between twins that no one else understands outside of the two of them.

Try as we might to understand them, it’s impossible, especially since twins came from the same egg and have the same genes.

They also share the same humor.

These baby twins are a hoot.

Every time they looked at each other, they would laugh uncontrollably. At first, they were hamming it up for the camera while their mom was capturing them on video.

But pretty soon, they were just genuinely laughing with joy.

The baby in blue loved making the twin in pink laugh and kept making different gestures to keep them laughing.

At first, the baby in blue slammed his hands on the floor and sent his twin in pink howling with laughter. The twin in pink tried to do it, too, to make the baby in blue laugh.

It was too much.

She was laughing too much to do it again.

It looked like the baby in blue was having fun making his twin laugh anyway. He knew exactly what to do to keep his twin in high spirits.

This is the perfect video to show anyone who’s feeling down and just wants to lift their spirits. And the viewers agree.

“These 2 teeny tiny tots are sooo cute and pure and sweet!” Siddharta Bose said.

Twin connections are really a special bond.

It’s amazing how they’re so connected, whether they’re together in the same space or miles away from each other.

“Twins tend to be closer than typical siblings — they share a bond that is oftentimes unexplainable. Many believe this is rooted in genetics, such as identical twins sharing the same DNA,” author Maureen Healy shared.

It’s such a grateful experience to witness this moment and have it in your own home.

That’s probably why their mom rushed to get her camera to capture this funny moment.

We wonder what they’re laughing about.

Is there an inside joke they have and this moment reminded them of the joke? Or do they really just know how to activate the laugh button in each other?

We’re guessing it’s the latter since twins have a unique way of connecting with each other without speaking.

Studies on their special connection

There have been so many twin studies on this special connection.

In 2009, when she was still a teenager, Gemma Houghton had this unshakeable feeling she needed to check on her twin sister, Leanne. Leanne was upstairs taking a bath and when Gemma checked on her, she was underwater in the bath.

Apparently, she suffered a seizure attack while in the bath and slipped under the water.

There was also the story of two teenage boys, where one trained for soccer and the other twin took guitar lessons.

When the soccer twin picked up the guitar for the first time, he was able to play as well as his guitar-playing twin brother.

We can’t explain the twin connection.

But we’re sure this mom and dad were glad they were able to capture this special, funny moment on video.

Get a good belly laugh watching these twins ham it up in the video below!

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